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Stainless steel tank digital ultrasonic cleaner with LCD display

Product Description

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Stainless steel tank digital ultrasonic cleaner with LCD display for jewelry/watch/denture
1) High-frequency vibration stimulates the transducer and generates 42,000Hz of ultrasonic wave, filing with tap water, submerging the article to be cleaned, then press no button, you will see the dirt separating off into the water
2) The cleaning effect is obviously, the cleaned objects can be seen twinkling and shining cleaning
3) Ultrasonic cleaning is better than any conventional cleaning method, such as the dead of denture toothbrush, printer and pen head, parts of machine, and intricate components
4) Delicate design of the cover reduces the noise effectively
5) Good capability waterproof, the products are safer and more durable
6) The products are selling worldwide
7) Tank capacity: 600mL
8) Unit size: 210 x 170 x 145mm
9) Tank size: 150 x 125 x 40mm
10) Frequency: 42kHz
11) Ultrasonic power: 50 (max)
12) Digital timer: yes
13) Power supply: AC 220-240V
OEM is welcomed, we can print customer’s artwork and company logo

PRICE: 36 025 EUR (Including VAT)

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PRICE: 1 525 EUR (Including VAT)

Super Vac Vacuum Casting Machine

Product Description

Proven technology with proven results makes the Arbe Super Vac the choice for the professional caster. – Heavy duty design and fabrication with the strongest vacuum pump in the market – Vacuum storage tank enables instantaneous pull around casting flask – Foot pedal operated for hands free use – Large flask capacity: up to 8″ diameter and 12″ height – Dimensions: 25″ W x 25″ D x 40″ H

PRICE: 5 545 EUR (Including VAT)

CS1 Digital Control Casting Machine

The CS1 Digital Control Casting Machine is the next step for casting made easy.

Product Features

Size 15 cm

Product Description

The CS1 Digital Control Casting Machine is the next step for casting made easy. This casting machine has a over haul of new features to give you the ultimate casting experience. Some of the new feature include a new melting circuit for better power regulation, a new control board, an new temperature reader gives you the most accurate reading also the new Hi Tech Thermo-Regulator for better heating cycle control. included also is the metal emissivity regulation which will make it easier to find the metal melting point. there are also 10 memories for your convenience. the automatic vacuum release is done for you, no more valve on the top of the lid. The vacuum-argon washing cycle for casting with stone gives you that extra ability to cast more. – Maximum crucible capacity: 350g Pt – Maximum flask dimension: 4.0″ x h 4.75″ – Medium frequency melting circuit: 30-60Khz – Built in 20 m3 vacuum pump- Argon Gas circuit – Power supply: 220/230 V three Phase- 380 V Three Phase – Absorbed Power: 7,5 kW – Dimensions: 30″x 25″x 40″ Weight: 380 lb.